One of the main reasons why this project exists is that there haven't been any good remixes for years. Some of Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D was okay, yet it was bloated, felt out of universe, and much of it unnecessary. The Hesitation Marks and With Teeth remixes were almost all fucking terrible. Fan remixes have run dry. I long for that time when we had multitracks released for every song, when there was something new posted on every day. Seeing the heresy artwork in the Watchmen Vol. 3 liner notes, I knew I had to do something. I felt that there's little chance TR&AR would revisit the era, so why not do it myself? I could at least attempt to hearken back to the glory days (Fixed, FDTS, etc) when NIN remixes were actually decent. Make something both I and hopefully the community would find exciting and enjoy.

It might look like I used 'thninchnails' name for selfish reasons, but it couldn't be farther from the truth. When this was just a personal project for myself, I was interested in the idea of creating and owning as legitimate a piece as I could possibly make, and it was that idea I wanted to share. Fame isn't something I'm particularly interested in, and of course there's no way I can make money off it. It doesn't benefit me in any way unless it's for promoting my other work. But this is a dummy account disconnected from that world, so it wouldn't matter... and seeing as I gave up a few years ago, there'd be little point.

Aside from a few individuals hell-bent on running it into the ground, I was incredibly pleased with the response that this project got. It did so well that I ran out of download credits and had to shut down the bandcamp account (bandcamp doesn't allow free streaming anymore; it goes directly to paid, which is probably illegal).

A ton of research went into making each of these EPs. I contacted multiple people who worked with NIN previously (Charlie Clouser, Russell Mills, etc), getting permission to use samples and art, asking questions about sample sources, and so on. 

The amount of time it took to prepare each vocal track was far more than the time to create the mixes themselves. I didn't simply take elements from the 5.1 mix, although it helped. Each song (except Burn) had to have its vocals manually extracted and restored, which is quite a time-consuming process.

An interesting point of note is the instrumental version of The Downward Spiral. One can't just use those tracks to phase-cancel the LP, as someone in the NIN camp changed the speed ever so slightly to make it drift. It might be possible, just horribly annoying (on purpose, I assume)."